Cyber Intelligence


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With Cyber Intelligence, predict where and how the attackers can come...

On the open-internet resources, we scan your customers, your organization, and your staff, and search for explorations using the methods used by attackers. We provide services to protect your weaknesses, data leaks, and critical information. We also provide reports to you by gathering the content and intelligence you want from sites that require user login, which search engines such as underground hacker forums, Deep-Web, Dark-Web and Secret Social Networks can not discover.

Below are the titles we will primarily serve with the topics of Cyber Intelligence and Threat Analysis;

Tactical Cyber Intelligence
  • Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)
  • Investigating your staffs and personal information
  • Discovering your data leaks
  • Malware discovery, detection and analysis
  • Analysis of ICO projects in Blockchain
  • Reconnaissance Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrency wallet